In 1987 we bought a Panasonic OmniMovie VHS Camera. The late 80s being the heyday of my early teen years, this device helped me keep it together during some rough years.  I taught myself how to shoot and edit with this machine and went on to create quite a large catalog of VHS material (work that still is in the digitization queue).

Thinking about what inspired me to launch The VAST Lab, I can distill it into this device. The Visual, Audio, Story, & Technical aspects that I tackled shooting, editing, and producing with this machine led to a love affair with each of these creative elements that drive me still to this day.  They led me to study Photography, Cinema, Writing, Music, Theatre, & Technology.

So now The VAST Lab begins.

A place where Lovers, Learners, and Masters of the Visual, Audio, Story, and Technology arts can connect, collaborate, and show off their stuff.

Come join us.

Daniel Bates
North Hollywood, CA