Known to most as a metonym for tinseltown, there’s a village underneath.
It’s full of earthquakes and shiny sidewalks, always in the midst of change.
77K living within in a 3 mile radius. Most trying to make it big, all trying to find their way.

A young girl is being evicted from her rent controlled apartment.
To make ends meet, she took a job as a part time preschool teacher while continuing her pursuit as a music producer.

A young man works in one of the last remaining drive thru cigarette stands.
When he’s not vending vapor, he rotates through the local music scene playing in several cover bands.

A middle aged woman just saved up enough money to pay for her first year membership to the magic castle.
When she’s not refining her art of illusion, she makes $4 donuts early in the morning and inks canvas late at night.

A single father runs an obscure Hollywood Tour business.
His 4 yr old son makes more money than him as a working child actor.

This…is Hollywood.

– DPB2 May 2015